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About us

Ever wanted to be a part of the Real Estate Boom?

Ever wanted to have a Real Estate Investment that would.

fulfill all your dreams? Egsale India will show you the way.

Egsale India Pvt.Ltd.has been active in Gurgaon since 2014 rite from the start of Egsale.in Growth Story. With our professional team of consultants and our conveniently located offices we at Egsale.in are able to assist several clients every month on all type of Real Estate Transactions. Focusing on Sales, Rentals and Property Management we strive to meet the ever growing demand of our Clients. Investing in our Sales Team and maintaining our first class reputation has given us a competitive edge and has allowed us to excel in one of the world’s most competitive Real Estate market. We continue to strive for Excellence.

Our Company Values are based on Dedication, Respect for our client’s investment and a constant drive to achieve the final goal. Together with our Clients , we grow and learn ,with complete and unparalleled Dedication we provide comprehensive service to our client and strive to maximize our client’s return to investment.